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Bettina Osterwind

NCPT – National Certified Pilates Teacher

Bettina discovered Pilates many years ago to keep her mind & body in shape and quickly discovered the benefits of Pilates for all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages. Becoming a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor in 2013 she has been teaching fun and invigorating classes and sessions ever since, always incorporating strong core work with full body lengthening and sculpting movements into her classes. She has taken many Advance Teacher Training Courses including Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Pilates for Lumbar Spine Pathologies, Pilates for Hip and Knee Replacements, Pilates for Scoliosis, etc. and enjoys continuing to expand her knowledge on an ongoing basis. 

Bettina loves teaching classes and sessions which are beneficial to all participants. She enjoys assessing her clients on a continuous basis and adapting the workouts as every person’s abilities change over time.