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breathe basics

This foundation class is designed for many students! It’s perfect for those who are brand new to a Pilates practice, those who have done some post rehab Pilates but are ready to start in a group class setting and also for seasoned Pilates Practitioners who would like to slow down, revisit the basics, tune into their breath, and work deeper into their Mindbody practice. Please tell your friends and family members and remember that if you refer someone who purchases a package, you will receive a free class in your account.

BREATHE has your back!

This class is designed for many students! It’s perfect for those who may need more modifications but still would like to do group classes. If you have never done a group class, please start with either some Private sessions or our BREATHE Basics classes. Suitable for any back pathologies, surgeries, osteopenia or osteoporosis. We will work on hip and glute strength, posture, and balance to name a few. Just make sure to inform your instructor about anything that you may be working with so that she/he may give you the appropriate modifications.

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This class is designed for students of all levels and is strongly encouraged for those just starting their Pilates program once they have taken at least 3 Private Sessions or BREATHE Basics classes. We will work on proper technique, breath, alignment, and form. Even if you have been doing Pilates for years, tuning in and deepening your awareness will only improve your practice and take it to the next level.

Pilates Sculpt Reformer-Springboard Class, Breathe Pilates Miami

Intermediate Reformer or Springboard

In Pilates Sculpt we will utilize the Reformer, Springboards, and possibly some Mat work. The instructor may choose to incorporate props such as light weights, balls, and dowels. The class will still focus on proper technique, breath, alignment, and form but with a little added intensity into the workout. We recommend our beginners start with BREATHE Basics and Pilates All Levels classes before trying Pilates Sculpt.

Mixed Equipment

You will leave this class smiling and glistening! A jumping platform is placed on the end of the reformer and the Instructor will take you through a series of movements to get your heart rate up. Some traditional non-jumping exercises may be included. The benefit of jumping on the reformer is that it is lower impact than jumping on the ground or floor and much healthier for your joints. Not a beginner’s class, please speak to an Instructor to discuss whether this class is a good fit for you at the present time. In Mixed Equipment classes we will utilize the Springboard (like a Tower) and Reformer.
The instructor may choose to incorporate props such as light weights, balls, Spine Correctors and dowels and will decide from week to week. The class will focus on proper technique, breath, alignment, and form.

Advanced Reformer

Pilates Sculpt PLUS is for the experienced Pilates practitioner who is looking for a class to challenge their already strong Pilates practice. Play with both traditional and more modern variations of your favorite Pilates exercises. Expect to “Teaser” up from the long box on the Reformer or fly into your “Magician” on the Springboards. This class is suitable for Pilates Instructors, those enrolled in a Pilates teacher training program, and the seasoned Pilatera or Pilatero with no current injuries or pathologies. Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether or not this class may be right for you. In this Advanced Reformer Pilates class we will utilize the Reformer and possibly the Spine Corrector. We will build upon skills learned and practiced in the Intermediate level classes. This is a high level class and will be incorporating more advanced Pilates exercises and concepts. Not appropriate for those working with current injuries, or those who are pregnant.