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Testimonials - Breathe Pilates Miami

I literally fell in love with Pilates, as well as with the wonderful instructor that followed me through the weeks here in Miami. I am a trapeze artist in Cirque du Soleil, Amaluna, and Gretchen taught me with patience how to make all the muscles, along with the breathing, work together to release the unnecessary tensions. Not only I saw improvement in my posture, my day to day activities and my trapeze training, but Pilates also helped to free my mind as well as control my stress. It was always with a smile that I came to the 30minutes class, and it always seemed to end too fast!

Anouk Blais

Artist with Cirque du Soleil - Amaluna


What people say?

Breathe Pilates is a sanctuary for the body. Everything is how it should be, great atmosphere, great equipment, very complete and so much variety (in equipment) allows for so many different exercises. Amazing professors. Maria is wonderful, super nice, very professional and very patient, which is KEY for learning and having a good experience. She knows what she's doing. I would recommend pilates to anyone, if you don't live nearby it surely is worth the drive! The studio is always clean and fresh, it has great energy! 5/5!!!
Donatela Vacca
This is the best Pilates studio in Miami. They don't do basic Pilates, they actually watch and correct students and they care. The studio is clean and it's a great workout. Seriously, BEST Pilates studio in Miami. Also the teacher (Mahitha) was super professional and friendly.
Group class student
After doing ballet for more than 10 years, I developed a serious injury that needed hip arthroscopy with psoas muscle release. That left me with almost no control nor strength in my right hip and leg. To recover, I started doing Pilates with Gretchen. During this process, she helped me a lot to regain strength, flexibility, control, and range of motion. Furthermore, she helped me to better understand the way I should work with my body and how to avoid future injuries while dancing. During the full year that I trained with Gretchen, she always stood up as someone very professional and dedicated, with a lot of knowledge and creativity. Every Pilates class with her was different and always challenging. And last but not least, it was always fun and nice to train with her. Now I'm back to doing ballet everyday and this wouldn't have been possible without Gretchen's invaluable Pilates classes.
Fatima Rizo-Patron
Former Ballet Dancer
First time at Breathe Pilates and Carole is so welcoming, knowledgeable and guided you through a fun workout experience!! Will be back!
Group class student
I needed a change in my exercise regimen as I was not satisfied with the physical changes associated with my strength training program. I felt that my range of motion was shortening and I was becoming “tighter”. I was referred to Gretchen to try Pilates which I had never tried before and I was impressed with the method’s combination of range of motion increase, core muscle strengthening, and concentration on muscle groups that are otherwise unattainable with other exercise regimen. And as a Neurologist with a predominantly geriatric population, I have felt comfortable in referring my patients to Gretchen for a variety of ailments including Parkinson’s disease, degenerative spine disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, and balance disorders. I was happy to find out that she had additional training specifically for neurologic conditions. She has been a welcome addition to my personal and professional life.
Jon Cross, MD
Neurology Group of South Florida
Incredible class! This is a challenging yet fun class. The Instructor (Karla) was very attentive and really emphasized proper form and execution which was really important for me because of my numerous injuries. I highly recommend this studio and will definitely go back for more!
Group class student