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Carole Krady

PMA®-Certified Pilates Teacher
Buff Bones® Certified Instructor

After years of being curious about Pilates and its rather strange and intimidating equipment, Carole took the plunge and dove into a Pilates class. It was love at first move!  It wasn’t long before Carole enrolled and completed her Comprehensive Training on all Pilates Apparatus through Polestar® Pilates in Miami. This training enabled Carole to work with Pilates Instructors and Physical Therapists to learn how Joseph Pilates’ teachings of whole body health, whole body commitment and breath could be used to transform any body- no matter what limitations and obstacles are presented. Carole is also a Certified Yoga and Barre Instructor with an emphasis on pre/post natal Yoga. She has taken many advanced teacher training courses, including Pilates for Neurological Rehabilitation with Senior Polestar Educator Alexander Bohlander, as well as Pilates for MS™ & Neurological Conditions taught by Mariska Breland. Carole has also taken workshops on Pilates for recent hip and knee replacements and most recently finished her Certification to become a BUFF BONES® Instructor. The award-winning, medically-endorsed Buff Bones® workout for bone and joint health is now available at BREATHE! The exercise system uses varied and specific bone-strengthening and balance techniques for a safe option for people with osteoporosis and arthritis. Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, M.D. recommended the workout, calling it “an excellent resource to continue to improve America’s bone health.”

Carole enjoys working with her clients to make their Pilates experience safe, effective, and most importantly, FUN!