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Cheney Mondesir

Pilates Instructor
NCSF – Personal Trainer

Cheney Mondesir was born and raised in Miami. His path to Pilates began at an early age after being bullied by his older sisters (who were both dancers) into taking a mat class. After failing to complete his first attempt of the hundred exercise, he realized that his preconception of Pilates was wrong.

Cheney would later use Pilates to improve his athletic ability throughout his junior and senior year of high school. As a personal trainer, Cheney’s most recent return to Pilates has been a humbling experience, Pilates has helped to improve his overall wellness.

Cheney received his Pilates teacher training through Polestar Pilates and his goal is to one day become a Physical Therapist who incorporates Pilates into his practice. As of now, Cheney is pursuing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Miami in Exercise Physiology. His goal as an instructor is to unlock hidden movement potential that will encourage everybody to dance.