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Pilates Instructor

Elina comes from decades of classical ballet training, like many competitive sports, ballet can
bring your body toaliteral breaking point and it was that breaking point which brought her to
Pilates. Blending her global background, Elina’s classes offer a dynamic experience that goes
beyond the ordinary, focused on healing, rebirth, and holistic health while paying homage to
teaching the way Joseph Pilates intended.
Elina was born in Ukraine (USSR), and grew up in Israel where she danced professionally after
graduating from Thalma Yalan (Israel’s Julliard equivalent), and trained in Vaganova classical
technique. Twice an immigrant, she moved to the US in 2013 and started a family and career in
Pilates. In addition to English, Elina could also teach you a Pilates session in Russian or
Elina holds a Mat Pilates certification from Power Pilates NYC and a comprehensive 600 hour
apparatus certification from CPE (Classical Pilates Education). She lives on Bay Harbor Islands
with her husband and two children.