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Kayla Rodenhiser​​

BREATHE PILATES MIAMI Studio Manager and Virtual Instructor

Kayla has always been enamored with the art and science of the mind and body. In 2007, Kayla earned a 200-hour yoga certification while working as a Rehabilitation Technician at Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville, FL. With over ten years of experience teaching various styles of yoga, Kayla has influenced a wide range of students. She instructed the 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron in Florida at Eglin Air Force Base in 2010. In 2011, while working as an In-Home Caregiver for California Home Caregivers, she trained the US Navy Special Operations EOD ( Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Forces in San Diego, CA. In 2013, when working as a childcare provider at the Children in Crisis Emergency Shelter in the Florida Panhandle she volunteered her time to teach the foster children relaxation methods and yoga postures to use as tools for anger and stress management. In 2015, Kayla created a summer yoga program while working as a Physical Therapy Aid for children with cerebral palsy at the Jackson Center for Conductive Education in Mooresville, IN. In 2017, she received further training by earning a 500-hour yoga certification in Gentle Therapeutics from Allaine Stricklen in Miami, FL. From 2018 – 2020 she taught a weekly class at The Victory Center for Autism and Related Disabilities in North Miami Beach, FL.

In 2017, Kayla began practicing Pilates to counterbalance her full time job as a yoga teacher and to manage her back pain from bulging discs acquired from years of gymnastics, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and rock climbing. She took her first reformer class at Breathe Pilates with Gretchen Wagoner in 2018. Kayla’s healing experience as a student at Breathe Pilates played an influential role in leading Kayla onto the path of becoming a certified Pilates Mat Teacher through the Inner Balance Teacher Training Course in January of 2020.

Kayla’s knowledge, experience and humor naturally influence her teaching style as a yoga and pilates teacher. Her approach is well rounded and emphasizes individual care. Her classes focus on precise alignment cues, various modifications to support beginners and advanced students, guided breathing methods and meditation techniques to assist students in cultivating their own empowering sustainable connection between the mind and body.